Take Part in The Building Of a Better Brighter Greater Nigeria


Stand with Our Campaign for a Working Nigeria

Arise, O Compatriots. Nigeria’s Call Obey
To serve our fatherland with love and strength and faith. The labour of our heroes past, shall never be in vain. To serve with heart and might, one Nation bound in freedom, peace and unity.

How Can We Build A Better Nigeria?

Our Policy and Priority

Wake up! Wake Up! Nigerians it's Time to take actions.

Vote Peter Obi for President  Lets get our nation back, Nigeria needs to get better.

Let’s join together to vote Peter Obi for President for Our Better Future.

Nigeria deserves better, it is time we vote for a president that will take us out of the bad economy, and give us a good education and also create good jobs for our children .

Every votes will count get you PVC now let us vote Peter Obi, for our better future.


Help Us Bring the Change We Need

This is a roll call to all the selfless Nigerians who loves their fatherland to join us in the fight against bad governance and enthrone good governance. We can no longer watch our common heritage destroyed by few elites who serves their personal selfish interests. We need you to build a new Nigeria.